Sagittarian (Pvt.) Ltd. t/a ABC Auctions is a name and place that speaks of unparalleled auctioneering experience within the Zimbabwean market.
The early 1960’s saw the beginning of ABC Auctions in downtown Wynn Street. Mr. Louis Stynberg, the man with the loud Texan drawl and crocodile skin boots, was the original owner of ABC Auctions. 1975 saw the relocation of ABC Auctions to Hatfield House and it is from here that ABC Auctions has brought the people of Zimbabwe a number of firsts. ABC Auctions was the first auction house to bring the innovative idea of the drive through vehicle auction to the people. We were the first to provide a purpose built auction house and the first auctioneering company to be fully computerized. In fact ABC Auctions remains today the only computerized auction house in Zimbabwe.
ABC Auctions has clearly stood the test of time and has additionally been used as the training ground for many auctioneers who have since left and opened up their own auctioneering businesses. Our systems have often been replicated but never perfected.  This in itself is testament to the quality of service and resulting reputation that has stood ABC Auctions in good stead.
As an auction house we represent both the buyer and the seller – a facet that demands 100% transparency and ensures the creation of value for all parties. As the medium that matches buyers with sellers we provide an invaluable service everyday.
We at ABC Auctions pride ourselves in being the best at what we do and are constantly looking for ways to improve the service we offer. It is the customer than counts and with ABC Auctions the emphasis is and always will be on service and efficiency.
Our carefully crafted reputation is what defines us and we constantly strive to deliver value that either meets or exceeds clients expectations at all times.