Sales Floors

Our sales floors are a treasure trove for the discerning buyer and on the other hand a convenient, hassle free way to dispose of moveable goods. ABC Auctions’ premises boast a very spacious auction floor as well as considerable warehouse facilities ensuring that no matter your good, we can accommodate it. Given the vast majority of items on hand we generally try to group the goods into the following categories and hold auctions accordingly:

  • Household Furniture & Smalls
  • Audio Visual & Domestic Appliances
  • Office Furniture & Equipment
  • IT Equipment
  • Vehicle Spares
  • Machinery & Tools
  • Catering Equipment
  • Building Equipment
  • Farming Equipment
  • Redundant & Damaged Stock

 Of late it has become our policy to provide you, the seller, with two options. The first option was borne out of the need of many to have hard cash immediately without the need to wait for an auction to take place. As such we often offer to purchase your goods outright rather than selling on your behalf. We ask that a decision be made within 24 hours, following which a payout at the agreed price will be made in cash. We do understand that this is not the preference of all clients and for this reason the second option of an auction on your behalf is still very much a reality.
As understanding the needs of our clients is so important to us, we realize how much can be collected over the years. We also realize that the size of many items and the number of hours in a day don’t always allow for you to be personally available to deliver your goods to the auctions. For this reason we make use of our own, extremely reliable, transport system and fleet to facilitate the timeous collection of your goods no matter the size or weight. Our trusty Transport Officer is always on call to satisfy your collection requirements. Our collection fees do vary depending on the vehicle used however should there be a large quantity of moveable assets for collection a special rate can always be arranged with management. In the interests of your own safety, the following information is required to facilitate a collection:

  • The name of your Organisation if applicable.
  • Your representative’s name & ID details
  • Your companies physical address or in the case of an individual your address.
  • The collection address.
  • Your contact details including cell number & email address.
  • The approximate weight and size of the goods.

 Again any charges for transport will be deducted from our payment to you.
As with the vehicle auctions, our professional valuation team will value all goods consigned to ABC Auctions for sale on your behalf. These values are meant as an estimate only and are often, as the case with an auction, far lower then the actual price realized. You can rest assured that we will strive to achieve the best possible price for your goods as this is not only to your benefit but also to our benefit as an auction house.
All goods consigned to ABC Auctions for sale on your behalf are organized in saleable lots, given lot numbers and entered into our computer database for administration purposes. All goods are then placed on display and sold by public auction or private treaty. Our computerized auction system and database ensures active management and tracking of your goods at all times. It is for this reason that payment, when selling on your behalf, can be instituted in one of two ways:

  • Payment in stages as and when your goods are sold, or
  • As soon as the total consignment has been sold.

 Please feel free to be in touch with us regarding the status of your goods. Please also note that along with all cash payments, you will receive a Remittance Advice, itemizing all lots sold with their corresponding prices and any deductions made for transport and commission.