The Team

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
If we take the words of Henry Ford to heart, we believe that we here at ABC Auctions have truly achieved success.
With William Wiley at the helm and offered outstanding assistance by Byron Wiley the General Manager, a tight and efficient ship has sailed the high seas to success. But any ship needs able sailors and ABC Auctions has a team in place that offers loyalty and dedication in all areas and all instances.
Byron Wiley, son of William Wiley, has auctions in his blood. His introduction to the auction house came earlier than most when at two weeks old his mother, Emma Wiley, would bring him to ABC Auctions while she worked. Many a school holiday was spent learning the tricks of the trade and immediately following the completion of his high school education; Byron joined ABC Auctions where he began work as a cashier. Byron has spent the last 10 years learning the ABC systems inside out and has contributed significantly to the company ABC Auctions is today. Being the people person he is, with his eye for detail and dedication, commitment and desire for perfection, Byron is the perfect right hand man for his father William Wiley.
Heading up the vehicle sales division we have the enthusiastic and dedicated Nigel Hopkins. Nigel works hand in hand with his right hand man Bryan Harvey and together these two make a formidable team and one whose service is second to none.
Joseph Ndawana is our resident auctioneer who has lead the floors section from strength to strength. It is not uncommon to catch him in action on our floors auctioneering and providing not only a smoothly run auction but make an auction an experience and an event to look forward to.
In addition to those mentioned above, we have several long-standing employees who cannot go unmentioned. These include Godfrey Mwasawi, our transport officer and Tobias Nyamgure in payouts. Those of you who frequent ABC Auctions are bound to have come across one of these two at some stage.
The people mentioned here are just a few of the dedicated members of ABC Auctions. As Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Each and every employee at ABC Auctions is a giant in our eyes and they are the reason we are where we are today – ahead of our game and “the leading auctioneers”.