We understand that auctions can be quite daunting for first time attendees however we have taken every measure possible to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Any one of our members of staff will gladly walk you through the process or alternatively you can simply follow the step by step guide detailed below:

Find Goods

Decide on what items interest you.

  •     Depending on the item it may be possible to browse the sale or search for a specific item.
  •     Depending on the sale it may be possible for you to purchase a catalogue.
  •     Attend a free pre-auction viewing.


Register & Bid

Once you have decided upon the items you wish to bid on you need to register to bid. Registration requires the payment of a deposit, the amount however varies depending on the type of auction you are participating in. At present registration can be done in one of 2 ways:

  •     In Person

Simply fill in our registration form, supplying your Name, ID Number, Address, Phone Number and Email Address. After paying your deposit you will be issued with a buyers card, which then allows you to participate in the auction. Once the auction has started, the auctioneer will call out bids. If the item and price are favourable raise your card and continue to do so until you are either unhappy with the price or you are the only bidder left. Should you be the only bidder left, the auctioneer will then bring down the gavel indicating that you have won and the item is now yours subject to payment.

  •     Proxy Bid

Should you not be able to attend the auction in person, we at ABC Auctions will bid on your behalf. This practice is what we call a proxy bid and involves you registering for an auction and placing you deposit as surety for payment in advance. When registering you simply note the lot numbers you are interested in and the maximum price you are willing to pay for these lots. By indicating your maximum price you are merely indicating to us as ABC Auctions when to stop bidding on your behalf. It must however be noted that this does not guarantee you the good as the itemwill still go to the highest bidder.

Pay & Collect

Arrange for Payment.

  •  If your bid is successful you will be provided with an invoice showing the hammer price plus purchases levy and VAT.
  •  The details provided upon registration will be shown on the invoice so please take care to provide the correct information before hand.
  • Payment is due in cash either on the day of the auction or the following working day depending on the type of sale.
  • Having made full payment your goods will be available for collection