Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that when booking a collection, you provide at least 24 hours notice.

We reserve the right to change our transport charges however at current, the following rates are applicable to collections within Harare: 


Toyota Hilux Pick UpsUS$30 per load (inc VAT)
Mazda B2200 Pony with TrailersUS$30 per load (inc VAT)
Toyota Dyna Panel VansUS$30 per load (inc VAT)
Mazda T3500 DropsidesUS$30 per load (inc VAT)
Toyota DA116 Panel VansUS$36 per load (inc VAT)
Nissan UD95 Dropside with 2 Ton Cranes - without craneUS$36 per loan (inc VAT)
Nissan UD95 Dropside with 2 Ton Cranes - with craneUS$60 per load (inc VAT)
DAF825 with 2 Ton Crane & to Ton TrailersUS$60 per load (inc VAT)


Godfrey Mwasawi is our trusty Transport Officer and he can be contacted on 751343.

Toyota Hilux Pick Ups1 Ton or 3m3  Payload
Mazda B2200 Pony with Trailers1.3 Ton or 9m3 Payload
Toyota Dyna Panel Vans3 Ton or 6m3 Payload
Mazda T3500 Dropsides3.5 Ton or 5m3 Payload
Toyota DA116 Panel Vans7 Ton or 10m3 Payload
Nissan UD95 Dropside with 2 Ton Cranes9 Ton or 15m3 Payload
DAF825 Horse with 2 Ton Crane & 20 Ton Trailers20 Ton or 30m3 Payload


Should you make a purchase on an auction you are given 48 hours after payment to collect your items. Should you not collect them within this time frame storage charges of $2 per day per item will accrue.

Tobias Nyamgure is in charge of payouts and will gladly assist with any queries you may have regarding the amount your goods were sold for and when to collect payment. In general payment can be collected the day after the goods have been sold. Tobias can be contacted on 749688 or 751498.

Tobias Nyamgure is in charge of all payouts and will be more than happy to assist you with regard to the status of your goods. Tobias can be contacted on 749688 or 751498.

The length of time it takes to sell your goods is very much dependent on the nature of the goods. We suggest that you call us at regular intervals to enquire as to whether or not your goods have been sold.

In most cases, our vehicle sales are held on a Friday. In these situations, you can expect to receive your funds, in cash, the Monday immediately following the sale.

If you dispose of your vehicle through ABC Auctions within 30 days from valuation we will refund the valuation fee.

At present our entry fee stands at US$20 excluding VAT.

At present a vehicle valuation costs US$21,71 excluding VAT.

The deposit required to secure a buyers card varies from sale to sale. In general however the following are applicable:


Floors SaleUS$200
Yard SaleUS$100
Vehicle SaleUS$2,000
Outside Sale - VehiclesUS$2,000
Outside Sale - OtherUS$500


ABC Auctions reserves the right to change any of the commission charges quoted below. At present however the commission rates applicable to Vehicle Sales are: 


US$0 - US$4,00012.5%
US$4,001 - US$8,00010%
US$8,001 - US$12,0007.5%
US$12,001 -5%


These vary with the type of sale and in these situations we advise that you contact management to map a way forward.

ABC Auctions reserves the right to change any of the commission charges quoted below. At present however our commission rates applicable to the Sales Floors are as follows: 

US$ 0 - US$1,00017.5%
US$1,001 TO US$2,00015%
US$2,001 - 12.5%


As a buyer on an auction sale, all purchases are subject to a 10% Purchases' Levy over and above the price you bid to on the auction.

Should you choose to sell your goods through ABC Auctions, we will deduct our commission plus VAT from the auction sale price to arrive at the amount paid out to you. The commission rates applicable are specific to each division being the Sales Floors, Vehicle Sales and Outside Sales.

As a buyer on the auction floors, you will be required to pay the following : 

  • The price you bid to on the auction. 
  • If the item you purchased is subject to VAT, you will be required to pay VAT on the item. 
  • A 10% purchases' levy will be charged on all purchases.
  • All purchases' levies are subject to VAT.
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